Amulet is a graphic novel series about a young girl named Emily who discovers an Amulet that gives her powers. There are five books in the series so far.


Book 1 Plot:

When Emily was little, her dad died in a car crash. Her mom, brother and her went to her great grandfather’s house to live after that. Emily’s great grandfather had disappeared some years ago, making locals think the house was haunted. At the house Emily finds an Amulet that belonged to her grandfather, Silas. At night, a monster comes out and takes her mother! When it is about to take Emily, she uses the Amulet to stop it. Then Emily and her brother, Navin, find themselves in some odd world with unidentifiable creatures. Little do they know that not far behind them is an elf, which is trying to capture Emily. They escape from the elf, and are taken by a robotic bunny named Miskit to a house that contains her great grandfather Silas and many other robots. After speaking to Silas, who died, they left to find Emily’s mother. When they found the monster that was carrying her mom, Emily left them to get her mother. The monster came to the elf, Trellis. Trellis also has an Amulet. Using the amulet he pulled her mom out of the monster. Emily attacked him using her Amulet and made him leave. The monster poisoned her mother and the first book ends with the house walking, yes, walking, to a hospital so her mother could get better.


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