Really Awesome Mining Spree!

When I mine in Minecraft, I dig straight down. I know I’m not supposed to, but I turned difficulty off and I have never had found lava (probably for the better). Anyway, I was digging and I found redstone!




Now, the most valuable thing I have ever found is iron, so I was so exited when I found it! Unfortunately, I only had a stone pickaxe with me. I continued digging until I reached bedrock. Then I dug out some space and  found MORE REDSTONE! I was so happy! Then I encountered iron. I crafted an iron pickaxe and mined the redstone. Some gravel fell while I was mining, and once I cleared it away there was DIAMOND!




Oddly enough, I still hadn’t found gold or Lapis Lazuli. I was ready to give up and change mining spots when…



Gold isn’t as big of a deal as diamond. That’s why I didn’t put as many. I’m up for suggestions on what I should craft these into!



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