Since a lot of people have been talking about there being colors on WORDPRESS, I want to try to do it myself.

Here goes;





Oh and look at what else I figured out how to do: Θ ♣ ℘ ⊕ ¾

To do that you click the button 3 spaces away from the A that looks like a horse shoe.

To get to these buttons in the first place you click the last button that looks like a keyboard.

I also found this:

Rather than reaching for your mouse to click on the toolbar, use these access keys. Windows and Linux use Ctrl + letter. Macintosh uses Command + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
c Copy v Paste
a Select all x Cut
z Undo y Redo
b Bold i Italic
u Underline 1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2 3 Heading 3
4 Heading 4 5 Heading 5
6 Heading 6 9 Address
k Insert/edit link

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
n Check Spelling l Align Left
j Justify Text c Align Center
d Strikethrough r Align Right
u  List a Insert link
o 1. List s Remove link
q Quote m Insert Image
w Distraction Free Writing mode t Insert More Tag
p Insert Page Break tag h Help
x Add/remove code tag

Editor width in Distraction Free Writing mode:

Ctrl + Wider Ctrl – Narrower
Ctrl 0 Default width

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