What should I watch next?


Option 1: Assassination Classroom

I just like the way Karma and Nagisa look. And the idea of kids trying to kill their teacher is appealing too.


Option 2: Code Geass

I’ve wanted to watch this forever, and it’s my highest priority. I’m just a little worried about starting a really long series so close to testing.


Option 3: Haikyuu!

Well, I really enjoy sports anime and Haikyuu is supposed to be one of the best sports anime out there. Not to mention there is bromance…


4 thoughts on “What should I watch next?

  1. I just voted. But you must watch code geass. It’s a classic anime and you haven’t watched it yet is so surprising. Trust me the storyline is the best out of the three. Then assassination classroom is good for the next one, 😀😀😀

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