Fisheye Placebo

Technology is the tool. It gives power to the people, and gives power to control the people. For those born into this struggle,  the life of a hacker is a constant choice of Strategy and Tactics. 

Is it better to fight for your vision of the future, or to live in the ever dwindling comfort of the present? 

Fisheye Placebo is a series of short comic-like stories written by Yuumei. From what I understand, it’s about hackers getting around the government’s strict rule over the internet. I started reading it because I really liked Yuumei’s style. It’s not manga, so read it left to right (that took me a while to figure out). There’s not very many chapters, unfortunately.

You can read Fisheye Placebo at:


This is Frey, who is pretty much the main character. I found him on zerochan under the tag headphones (I really like seeing anime boys wearing headphones).



Oh hey, there’s Nyan Cat in the bottom left corner!




This makes a great wallpaper.


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