Super Lovers

The last episode came out today, and since I haven’t posted about this before, here’s a quick review of Super Lovers.

First of all, the animation was really good. Especially Haru and Ren’s eyes. All the characters were attractive and nice to look at, though I think there were too many shiny backgrounds in every scene. Kind of like Ouran High School Host Club; whenever a character is showing an emotion the background goes all sparkly.


The main reason I watched Super Lovers is because of the plot line. My friend recommended it to me knowing I was a yaoi lover, so I naturally enjoyed the boy x boy in this show. The fact that they were brothers was only slightly bothersome since they’re not blood brothers.

Super Lovers

The opening and the ending song are pretty good ! Even though the first lyrics of the ending kinda sound like “Oh my God! Oh my knee!”

The next season is supposed to come out in January of 2017! Let’s see if it beats the second season of Attack on Titan!


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