K Project is a lot like Durarara!!, but with a lot more magic. I think K Project could easily become my favorite anime after I watch the second season. I’m gonna try to go with a formal review with _/10 for this show.


Story: 10/10

Like Durarara!!, K Project follows a large group of characters whose paths intertwine every once in a while. The main character, Shiro, finds himself accused of murder that he never committed and is being hunted by HOMRA, the gang whose member he was believed to have killed, and SCEPTER 4, who are like the police. While running away from them, Shiro is saved by Kuroh, who also tries to kill Shiro but ends up befriending him after a long chase. The two gangs, HOMRA and SCEPTER 4, have been at war for years with no intent on stopping. And so the show launches into these three stories; HOMRA, SCEPTER 4, and Shiro/Kuroh/Neko.


Art: 100/10

Almost ever male in K deserves to be on my Anime Crush list. I originally had started watching K due to the fact that Yata wore headphones, but then Saruhiko Fushimi ended up being my favorite character. I swear, I want a body pillow of him now. The scenes where Yata skateboards are portrayed so wonderfully with a fisheye view from ground level. The girls looked pretty too, especially Anna. I don’t usually like female characters because they have crazy proportions, but Anna was actually a cute little girl that with a nice, non-revealing outfit (unlike Awashima).

Sound: 10/10

I mean listen to this theme song:

All the voices fit the characters as well.


Character: 9/10

The first episode threw a whole lot of characters at you and I had a hard time learning all of their names. I still keep forgetting the name of the bartender that looks like Shizuo (Shizuo, go back to your own anime!). Other than that little flaw, all the characters have their own personality and, while it was sometimes hard to distinguish Fushimi and Munakata, they all had their own look.



Enjoyment: 10/10

Need I say more? I had to squeeze my PsycheDelic Dreams pillow to hug out all of my feels.


Overall: 10/10

I seriously think K Project is gonna become my favorite anime. The amount of fan-service that I can find is huge and I love it! Now I want to buy merchandise…


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