Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Well I finished watching this recently and, honestly, I’m just gonna say 7/10.

The twenty episodes were great, 9/10, I couldn’t stop watching. But then, after SPOILER happened, I started getting really confused about what was happening. The whole time travel thing and “Yuno from the ___ word” got really mixed up and I didn’t understand the loops. Also, Murmur’s character didn’t make much sense to me. Did she want Deus to die so she could replace him? Were she and Yuno working together the entire time? I’ve given up on trying to tell.

Akise Aru

Akise Aru is easily my favorite character.

The whole thing about Yukki being a weak main character makes me think: Wouldn’t most people probably act like him if put into that situation? Though I really like what Yuno said to Yukki in the end, which I think was something alone the lines of “I would’ve been fine with anybody so as long as I could depend on them, and you would have loved anybody who would have protected you.“I feel like that’s really true, how it was purely chance that Yuno fell in love with Yukki and Yukki only reflected the feelings because she came to him in the first place. Oh, and I ship Yuki x Akise!




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