Uta no☆Prince-sama♪

It took a while, but I finally finished all three seasons! Overall, I’d say 8/10. I came for the pretty boys and stayed for their music.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ is a reverse harem anime in which all the boys are singers and the girl is the composer. They’re all enrolled in Saotome Academy, a school where students learn how to become idols or composers. Of course all the boys fall in love with her, despite romance being banned in the school. Unable to choose which boy to compose for, our main character decides that they should become a boy band and combine their voices. Thus creates STARISH, a name created from each of their initials.


I have to say, the first season was the best, the second was pretty good, and they were both much better than the third. Maji Love Revolutions got a little slow after the first episode, going through each member of QUARTET NIGHT hanging out with Haruka just like they had with STARISH in the first season. The Cross-Unit project also wasn’t all that exciting since every pairing was fairly repetitive. But, on the positive side, the songs that STARISH sang were great! I listened to Maji Love 1000% on loop over 108 times. Maji Love 2000% was equally as good, but I didn’t try learning the dance to that one. I liked the Maji Love Revolutions song too, though I understand everyone that was upset by the MMDs.


At the end of the third season, when the crowd was chanting for either QUARTET NIGHT, STARISH, or HEAVENS, I was yelling for HEAVENS. I think their song was pretty catchy and they made the second season pretty entertaining. I look forward to season four!


Okay, now some time to reflect on the characters. First up, the main character, Haruka Nanami. I entirely agree with everyone that says her eyes are creepy. Her eyes are yellow/orange and the pupils are green. It’s so unnatural even for an anime character. And, since she was the center of the harem, I naturally loathed her. I’d prefer if her best friend, Tomochika, was the center since she had a much better personality than Haruka.


My favorite member of STARISH was Otoya Ittoki because (1) I love red hair and (2) he had a really nice personality. Other than him, Shou Kurusu was pretty cute and Tokiya was good to look at, I suppose. The rest (Ren, Natsuki, Masato, and Cecil) were all really elegantly animated and the majority of the show was HD (without going into these lazy animations too often).


Sadly, QUARTET NIGHT’s songs weren’t as good as STARISH’s song (but I guess they’re not supposed to be). The only member that I liked was Ai Mikaze (Imagine my surprise when they revealed he was a robot!). Camus and Ranmaru weren’t all that likable and Reiji was a little strange to me.

Ringo Tsukimiya x Ryuuya Hyuuga


I really liked Ringo Tsukimiya as a character. It’s nice to see some LGBT in anime ^^ . The ship of him and Ryuuya was pretty fitting since they’re always together. Lastly, the headmaster, Shining Saotome, was kind of annoying, especially because he kept shooting down STARISH.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this show! I’m not sure what to watch next, so I’m taking request and I may do a poll.




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