Yandere Simulator

How in the world did I come across this game? Watching random YouTube videos? Taking too many “Which -dere are you?” tests? Well, however it happened, I can’t deny the fact that I love it.


Yandere Simulator is a RPG in which the players assumes the role of Ayano Aishi, more commonly known as Yandere-chan. Yandere-chan is in love with “Senpai” and has to eliminate her rivals in love using any of the optional methods. The game hasn’t been finished yet, and there are many rumors going around about its release date (I’ve been hearing 2019 a lot.)

Yandere Simulator

I’ve been following Yandere Dev’s YouTube account for a few months and it’s really fascinating to see all the things he’s implemented since it first began development. It makes me really want to learn how to code!

In his most recent video, he said something about the 10 rivals that will be featured in the final game. My guess is that the Student Council President, the one that knows that Ayano is a Yandere, is gonna be the final boss. Though it would be cool if Info-chan turned out to like Senpai too and then you had to fight her.


The easter eggs are really cool too (Ebola-chan and Bad Time mode are my favorites)! I really love everything about the game and look forward to the final release date. I will continue following the development of Yandere Simulator.


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