Hetalia: Axis Powers


Hetalia certainly has an interesting premise. All the countries of the world are represented as human boys and girls (though mostly boys) and they reenact the World Wars and other events in world history. I have to say, I definitely learned more from this show than any of my history classes. Some things, of course, didn’t happen at all, so it was easy to get confused between the accurate parts and the completely fake ones.

Unlike most shows, I decided to watch Hetalia with English dub. I started watching the first episode with subs, and it became extremely had to figure out who was saying what. I also get the enjoyment of the accents from the dubbed version. Each episode is 5 minutes long and it doesn’t take too long to watch all 50 episodes if you skip the logos and outro song.

Favorite character?


America and Canada!

I honestly can’t choose between the two. Hidekaz Himaruya did such a good job stereotyping America as a hamburger loving, overconfident person that always took credit for everything (and he was cute!). But Canada was so adorable even though he was only in about 4 episodes. I feel so bad for him because no one notices him and his pet bear can’t even remember who he is. I wish I could jump through the screen and hug him!

Favorite ship?



America and England are just so cute together ❤ . After all, England was the one who made little America become America! All of the flashbacks to the American Revolutionary War really hurt though. I also shipped GerIta (Germany X Italy) because it is really canon.

That’s all for today!



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