Horror anime always sticks with me for some reason. And Another completely nailed it.


Another is about a boy who moves into a new town and enrolls in Yomiyama North’s class 3, which has been under a curse for 26 years. He is immediately interested in Mei Misaki, an eyepatch-wearing girl who doesn’t seem to exist to the rest of the class. But the fact that he is interacting with her causes the curse to begin again and every month, someone connected to the class dies…


I liked the fact that, for almost entire story, the viewer was on the same page as the main character. We didn’t know what was wrong with the class, and we didn’t understand why everyone was ignoring Mei Misaki. The ending was done well – also, I would have never guessed any of that was going to happen. Oh, and now I’m afraid of staircases because of the umbrella scene.


This poor girl ;;

For some reason I started laughing during some of the horror scenes. Either it was nervous laughter, or I’m seriously evil. Some of them were way more gruesome than others (take everything that happened in the hotel, for example, versus the heart attacks). I’m still not sure what the relevance of the dolls were, though. To freak people out?


I thought he was the dead one ><

My favorite character was Tomohiko Kazami, the class officer for class 3. Something about him made me like him a lot, and I was disappointed that he wasn’t very main. I will believe that he survived for now, until I read the novel and know for sure.


Sorry for the big post gap! I’ll just be finishing up some things I dropped in the next week, but a Hetalia: Axis Powers review should come soon.


What Should I Watch Next? V2

This time, I have five different shows that I want to watch, but I’d rather take them one at a time. My options are:


1. Another

I’ve discovered that I enjoy horror anime (ex. Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki) and I’ve head that Another is one of the best horror shows out there. There’s also a lot of scenes in Another that are shown in various anime cracks, and I think I’d enjoy the videos more if I knew what was happening in the original. It’s only 12 episodes, so it shouldn’t take more than a week to watch.


2. Haikyuu!

I started watching Haikyuu! months ago but had to put it on hold because I didn’t have access to it anymore. The few episodes I was able to watch were very entertaining, so I am perfectly willing to pick it back up. The only problem is that it’s a little long (25 episodes) and might take a while to complete.

Yowamushi Pedal paint

3. Yowamushi Pedal

The main reason I want to watch Yowamushi Pedal is because it’s a sports anime and the main character is an otaku. It’s the longest series of them all (38 episodes), not to mention there’s a lot of seasons, but I lasted through all of Kuroko no Basket (which adds up to almost 100 episodes -_-) so I could manage.

Diabolik Lovers

4. Diabolik Lovers

This show gets a lot of hate, and I can understand why. However, I watched the first episode of More, Blood and enjoyed it, probably due to the art style. I also have a friend who likes Diabolik Lovers and it keeps with the reverse harem theme that I’ve been going through.

Noragami Aragoto

5. Noragami Aragoto

I’ve seen the first season of Noragami (which was awesome) and I still haven’t got around to watching the second. It totally looks good, and it got good reviews. Okay, now time to vote!