Creepypasta is a website for horror and paranormal stories, and some of the stories on there are seriously scary. I did my best to write my own summaries of them, so here’s my top 5!

5. Eyeless Jack/Laughing Jack


Eyeless Jack is a boy-turned-killer after he was forced to participate in an occult ritual that resulted in his eyes being removed from his body. He has the routine of most characters, in which he attacks at night but his speciality is that he eats the insides of his victims. Laughing Jack is different in the sense that he doesn’t attack directly but rather hangs out with the child first and gives them his candy before killing them soon later. Even though they both have the name Jack, I believe that they are unrelated.

4. Jeff the Killer


Sadly, the story of Jeff the Killer isn’t written that well with there being many grammatical errors in the text. The idea, though, is quite fascinating. Jeff is a teenager that always got bullied and it began to make him go crazy. One day, he and his brother are attacked and this leads to that and Jeff ends up in the hospital. His skin turned bleached white, his hair black as ash, and his eyes blood red. The next day his mom found Jeff in the bathroom with a knife in his hand. He had cut of his eyelids because “that way he wouldn’t have to sleep” and he carved a smile into his face because “He wanted to smile forever.” He then proceeded to murder his entire family (though there is debate weather hid brother is dead or not.) Be glad I didn’t show you the real picture of Jeff.

3. The Seer of Possibilities


The reasons I like this story are pretty much the same reasons I like my all-time favorite, which is mainly the fact that it messes with your head. In the Seer of Possibilities, a guy goes onto his computer to find instructions to complete a simple task that wouldn’t take any effort on his part. His decision to follow the instructions results in his boss dying and him getting a promotion. The text on his computer introduces itself as the Seer of Possibilities and says that if he follows all of its orders good things will happen to him. The guy continues to do everything the Seer tells him to do and is living a perfect life. The Seer insists that it will never lie to him, but what’s the catch?

2. BEN Drowned


The story of BEN Drowned has stuck with me ever since I first read it. A college student finds a copy of the Legends of Zelda game Majora’s Mask at a garage sale that was given to him for free by an old man. When he first starts playing, he sees that there is a save slot titled BEN but decides to delete it and make his own. The boy begins to get confused when he realizes that the characters in the game were referring to him as “BEN” instead of the name he had inputed, “Link”. A lot of other strange glitches started happening too. He stopped playing momentarily until curiosity got the best of him and he tried again. That’s when he discovered that the game was haunted by BEN, who had drowned and transferred his soul to the game disc. At one point, he receives a link to Cleverbot, a real website that should be for talking to a robot but instead he finds that he is communicating with BEN through the site. I tried using the website to talk to BEN and it actually (somewhat) works! If you say “Ben?” it will respond, “You shouldn’t have done that” which is a quote from the original Creepypasta.

1. Psychosis


The reason I love Psychosis is because there is no terrifying monster that is to be feared but rather your own mind. A guy who hasn’t been outside for days get the urge to talk to someone face to face because he hadn’t seen another human in forever. However, when he looks outside, it’s completely dark and there is no one around. The guy assumes that his clock must have been off and dismisses it. He next tries calling a friend but is called first by an unknown number that simply asks “Who is this?” and, after getting his name, says “Sorry, wrong number” and hangs up. Right after, the guys gets a call from his friend saying that she was at a party and wanted him to come over. He tells her that he can’t, then realizes that this is his chance to see a real person. He tells her where he lives and something inside of him regrets it. Before his friend came, he turned on the security camera he had pointing to the hallway and watched her come and wave at the camera. Unable to shake the feeling of unease, the guy asks the girl to tell him something about them and she says that they met in a park. The guy accepts her response and decides to clean up his place quickly before letting her in. While he is cleaning, he sees that his journal is lying open to the page he wrote about meeting that girl and a camera is pointed directly at it. At that moment, the guy snaps and knows that he isn’t just being paranoid and whatever is out there really isn’t the friend he knew. Ugh, this story hurts my brain.

I didn’t leave any links to the stories because the word “Creepypasta” is related to “copypasta”, a slang for copy and paste. I don’t know which one is the original story so I’d rather not lead anyone to the wrong story. These stories can be found at,, and the Creepypasta Wiki.