Winter 2016-What I’m Watching

Since we’re about halfway through this season, I wanted to list the four series I’ve decided to watch. I don’t usually try to keep up with currently airing shows, but there were some that I wanted to watch so this is what I ended up with.

1. Haikyu!! 3rd Season


I picked up the first two seasons of Haikyuu in order to prepare for this one, and I am certainly not disappointed. It is a bit harder to watch when there’s only one episode a week, which slightly disrupts the flow from episode to episode. Haikyuu does an excellent job making you eager for the next episode, and even though I know how the season will end, I still find myself on the edge of my seat during some seriously epic moves. Gah, sports anime always gets me.

2. Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star


In short, the fourth season (how did it make four, you have to wonder) is pretty much the same as all the others. I’m not really sure why I keep watching it, after all, Ai isn’t going to be in this season that much. I just like laughing at how corny this show can get. The plotline of this season, which basically has every member of STARISH pair up with a member of HEAVENS to sing a song, get slightly repetitive over time. I’ll keep watching it because I want to see the animation for STARISH’s song.

3. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)


I’m a little upset because there were many arcs from the manga that weren’t shown in the anime, including the arrival of Mutsumi’s brother and everyone’s confession to Kae. Those  were my favorite parts and it’s unfortunate that they weren’t included. The most recent episode (The Fujosji Dispute) was pretty amusing, especially since I’ve had that argument with my friends before (She said Izaya X Shizuo, I said Shizuo X Izaya, we agreed to disagree).

4. Yuri!!! on Ice


My favorite show this season, and possibly of all time, is definitely Yuri!!! on Ice. It has everything I look for in an anime, including:

  • Sports (which is incredibly well animated)
  • Cute boys (the style is really pretty, Victor is my personal favorite)
  • Yaoi (LOADS of it)

It isn’t officially tagged shounen-ai or anything, but just seeing how Yuri and Victor act around each other, anyone would think they’re in love.

I’m the more hyped for the next episode of Yuri!!! on Ice than any of the other shows I’m watching. I’ve probably screamed more in the fifth episode than any other show. I already want there to be a second season, and I think there will be due to the amount of popularity the show has gotten. It’s not based off of anything, so I don’t believe that anyone really knows what’s going to happen other than the staff. Also, if you change the lyrics of the opening song from “We were born to make history” to “We were born to ship Victuri”, it fits in perfectly. AHHHHH I SHIP THEM SO HARD THAT’S A NEW OTP RIGHT THERE!!!


I like Victor a lot a lot…

That’s all for now. I’ll post once the season ends!





Well, well, well, That Insane Haikyuu!! Trash has finally posted.


Sorry not sorry

I started watching Haikyuu!! way back in- what was it- April. My friend had been telling me that it was so good, that I had to watch it, but I was in the middle of bingeing Kuroko no Basket at the time so I wasn’t able to keep it up. I had also stumbled upon a picture of Yuuji Terushimh, but upon learning that he only was in two episode of the second seaoson. I decided to quickly skim those episodes and take screenshots but stop after that (which I did, see Enjoyment). Then, once I saw that the third season of Haikyuu was coming out this season, I decided to watch the first two seasons to see what the hype was about. And I was certainly not disappointed.



Summary: In middle school, Shoyo Hinata decides that he wants to become a volleyball player but is immediately crushed by the so-called “King of the Court,” Tobio Kageyama. Not yet discouraged, Hinata joins the volleyball team at Karasuno High School in order to defeat Kageyama. However, Kageyama has also come to Karasuno and they are now stuck on the same team. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two’s abilities fit hand in hand and they become a powerful duo.

Art: I’ve heard mixed reviews of the art, and I believe that at some times the art is better than others. Half of the characters are really cute, the others… not so much.


Ugh dang it why do I love him so much

Sound: Every time the sound of a volleyball getting blocked hits my ears it affects me so much. I don’t know how they did it, but it sounds really real and gets a reaction out of me. Theme songs are what you’d expect from a sports anime, pretty much.



In other words, 10000000/10. Even minor characters that are only in a couple episodes are given a back story that connects you to them. You can’t exactly think of the opposing team as an enemy after seeing how hard they’ve been training to get to the match. Some of my favorites were Tooru Oikawa, Yuuji Terushima, Lev Haiba, and Kei Tsukishima. Bokuto and Kuroo were also very likable, I hope to see more of them in future episodes.


Oya oya?



Yeah… I think it’s pretty clear that I have become complete Haikyuu trash now… *goes to worship Oikawa shrine*

Score: An easy 10/10. No downsides.


But wait! There’s one more category…

Bromance scale: 60/100 Points for Bokuto and Kuroo, but otherwise the bromance is kept at a minimum and shippers must make a effort to find ship-worthy content. The following is a list of ships me and my friend put together:

  • Kageyama X Hinata (obviously)
  • Oikawa X Iwaizumi (IWA-CHAN!!!!)
  • Daichi X Suga (she really loves this one)
  • Kuroo X Kenma
  • Kuroo X Bokuto
  • Bokuto X Akaashi
  • Lev X Kuroo
  • Lev X Kenma
  • Tsukishima X Yamagughi
  • Kuroo X Tsukishima
  • Asahi X Nishinoya
  • Tanaka X Nishinoya
  • Oikawa X Kageyama

I’ll stop there.

There will definitely be more Haikyuu!! from this blog in the future…


What Should I Watch Next? V2

This time, I have five different shows that I want to watch, but I’d rather take them one at a time. My options are:


1. Another

I’ve discovered that I enjoy horror anime (ex. Tokyo Ghoul, Mirai Nikki) and I’ve head that Another is one of the best horror shows out there. There’s also a lot of scenes in Another that are shown in various anime cracks, and I think I’d enjoy the videos more if I knew what was happening in the original. It’s only 12 episodes, so it shouldn’t take more than a week to watch.


2. Haikyuu!

I started watching Haikyuu! months ago but had to put it on hold because I didn’t have access to it anymore. The few episodes I was able to watch were very entertaining, so I am perfectly willing to pick it back up. The only problem is that it’s a little long (25 episodes) and might take a while to complete.

Yowamushi Pedal paint

3. Yowamushi Pedal

The main reason I want to watch Yowamushi Pedal is because it’s a sports anime and the main character is an otaku. It’s the longest series of them all (38 episodes), not to mention there’s a lot of seasons, but I lasted through all of Kuroko no Basket (which adds up to almost 100 episodes -_-) so I could manage.

Diabolik Lovers

4. Diabolik Lovers

This show gets a lot of hate, and I can understand why. However, I watched the first episode of More, Blood and enjoyed it, probably due to the art style. I also have a friend who likes Diabolik Lovers and it keeps with the reverse harem theme that I’ve been going through.

Noragami Aragoto

5. Noragami Aragoto

I’ve seen the first season of Noragami (which was awesome) and I still haven’t got around to watching the second. It totally looks good, and it got good reviews. Okay, now time to vote!


Assassination Classroom

Since I just finished Assassination Classroom, I thought I might as well do a quick review.

I wanted to watch Assassination Classroom because I liked the plot line, but I found myself not really wanting the kids to kill Koro-sensei. And if one of the other assassins killed him, then the E class would go back to just being the End Class forever.

My favorite character by far was Karma. He was pretty much the highlight of the show for me. And of course I shipped Karma X Nagisa, how couldn’t I? >.<


I’ll probably get around to watching the second season soon! Now off to watch Haikyuu!



What should I watch next?


Option 1: Assassination Classroom

I just like the way Karma and Nagisa look. And the idea of kids trying to kill their teacher is appealing too.


Option 2: Code Geass

I’ve wanted to watch this forever, and it’s my highest priority. I’m just a little worried about starting a really long series so close to testing.


Option 3: Haikyuu!

Well, I really enjoy sports anime and Haikyuu is supposed to be one of the best sports anime out there. Not to mention there is bromance…