Well, well, well, That Insane Haikyuu!! Trash has finally posted.


Sorry not sorry

I started watching Haikyuu!! way back in- what was it- April. My friend had been telling me that it was so good, that I had to watch it, but I was in the middle of bingeing Kuroko no Basket at the time so I wasn’t able to keep it up. I had also stumbled upon a picture of Yuuji Terushimh, but upon learning that he only was in two episode of the second seaoson. I decided to quickly skim those episodes and take screenshots but stop after that (which I did, see Enjoyment). Then, once I saw that the third season of Haikyuu was coming out this season, I decided to watch the first two seasons to see what the hype was about. And I was certainly not disappointed.



Summary: In middle school, Shoyo Hinata decides that he wants to become a volleyball player but is immediately crushed by the so-called “King of the Court,” Tobio Kageyama. Not yet discouraged, Hinata joins the volleyball team at Karasuno High School in order to defeat Kageyama. However, Kageyama has also come to Karasuno and they are now stuck on the same team. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two’s abilities fit hand in hand and they become a powerful duo.

Art: I’ve heard mixed reviews of the art, and I believe that at some times the art is better than others. Half of the characters are really cute, the others… not so much.


Ugh dang it why do I love him so much

Sound: Every time the sound of a volleyball getting blocked hits my ears it affects me so much. I don’t know how they did it, but it sounds really real and gets a reaction out of me. Theme songs are what you’d expect from a sports anime, pretty much.



In other words, 10000000/10. Even minor characters that are only in a couple episodes are given a back story that connects you to them. You can’t exactly think of the opposing team as an enemy after seeing how hard they’ve been training to get to the match. Some of my favorites were Tooru Oikawa, Yuuji Terushima, Lev Haiba, and Kei Tsukishima. Bokuto and Kuroo were also very likable, I hope to see more of them in future episodes.


Oya oya?



Yeah… I think it’s pretty clear that I have become complete Haikyuu trash now… *goes to worship Oikawa shrine*

Score: An easy 10/10. No downsides.


But wait! There’s one more category…

Bromance scale: 60/100 Points for Bokuto and Kuroo, but otherwise the bromance is kept at a minimum and shippers must make a effort to find ship-worthy content. The following is a list of ships me and my friend put together:

  • Kageyama X Hinata (obviously)
  • Oikawa X Iwaizumi (IWA-CHAN!!!!)
  • Daichi X Suga (she really loves this one)
  • Kuroo X Kenma
  • Kuroo X Bokuto
  • Bokuto X Akaashi
  • Lev X Kuroo
  • Lev X Kenma
  • Tsukishima X Yamagughi
  • Kuroo X Tsukishima
  • Asahi X Nishinoya
  • Tanaka X Nishinoya
  • Oikawa X Kageyama

I’ll stop there.

There will definitely be more Haikyuu!! from this blog in the future…



Hetalia: Axis Powers


Hetalia certainly has an interesting premise. All the countries of the world are represented as human boys and girls (though mostly boys) and they reenact the World Wars and other events in world history. I have to say, I definitely learned more from this show than any of my history classes. Some things, of course, didn’t happen at all, so it was easy to get confused between the accurate parts and the completely fake ones.

Unlike most shows, I decided to watch Hetalia with English dub. I started watching the first episode with subs, and it became extremely had to figure out who was saying what. I also get the enjoyment of the accents from the dubbed version. Each episode is 5 minutes long and it doesn’t take too long to watch all 50 episodes if you skip the logos and outro song.

Favorite character?


America and Canada!

I honestly can’t choose between the two. Hidekaz Himaruya did such a good job stereotyping America as a hamburger loving, overconfident person that always took credit for everything (and he was cute!). But Canada was so adorable even though he was only in about 4 episodes. I feel so bad for him because no one notices him and his pet bear can’t even remember who he is. I wish I could jump through the screen and hug him!

Favorite ship?



America and England are just so cute together ❤ . After all, England was the one who made little America become America! All of the flashbacks to the American Revolutionary War really hurt though. I also shipped GerIta (Germany X Italy) because it is really canon.

That’s all for today!


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪

It took a while, but I finally finished all three seasons! Overall, I’d say 8/10. I came for the pretty boys and stayed for their music.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ is a reverse harem anime in which all the boys are singers and the girl is the composer. They’re all enrolled in Saotome Academy, a school where students learn how to become idols or composers. Of course all the boys fall in love with her, despite romance being banned in the school. Unable to choose which boy to compose for, our main character decides that they should become a boy band and combine their voices. Thus creates STARISH, a name created from each of their initials.


I have to say, the first season was the best, the second was pretty good, and they were both much better than the third. Maji Love Revolutions got a little slow after the first episode, going through each member of QUARTET NIGHT hanging out with Haruka just like they had with STARISH in the first season. The Cross-Unit project also wasn’t all that exciting since every pairing was fairly repetitive. But, on the positive side, the songs that STARISH sang were great! I listened to Maji Love 1000% on loop over 108 times. Maji Love 2000% was equally as good, but I didn’t try learning the dance to that one. I liked the Maji Love Revolutions song too, though I understand everyone that was upset by the MMDs.


At the end of the third season, when the crowd was chanting for either QUARTET NIGHT, STARISH, or HEAVENS, I was yelling for HEAVENS. I think their song was pretty catchy and they made the second season pretty entertaining. I look forward to season four!


Okay, now some time to reflect on the characters. First up, the main character, Haruka Nanami. I entirely agree with everyone that says her eyes are creepy. Her eyes are yellow/orange and the pupils are green. It’s so unnatural even for an anime character. And, since she was the center of the harem, I naturally loathed her. I’d prefer if her best friend, Tomochika, was the center since she had a much better personality than Haruka.


My favorite member of STARISH was Otoya Ittoki because (1) I love red hair and (2) he had a really nice personality. Other than him, Shou Kurusu was pretty cute and Tokiya was good to look at, I suppose. The rest (Ren, Natsuki, Masato, and Cecil) were all really elegantly animated and the majority of the show was HD (without going into these lazy animations too often).


Sadly, QUARTET NIGHT’s songs weren’t as good as STARISH’s song (but I guess they’re not supposed to be). The only member that I liked was Ai Mikaze (Imagine my surprise when they revealed he was a robot!). Camus and Ranmaru weren’t all that likable and Reiji was a little strange to me.

Ringo Tsukimiya x Ryuuya Hyuuga


I really liked Ringo Tsukimiya as a character. It’s nice to see some LGBT in anime ^^ . The ship of him and Ryuuya was pretty fitting since they’re always together. Lastly, the headmaster, Shining Saotome, was kind of annoying, especially because he kept shooting down STARISH.

Well, that’s all I have to say about this show! I’m not sure what to watch next, so I’m taking request and I may do a poll.



Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)

Well I finished watching this recently and, honestly, I’m just gonna say 7/10.

The twenty episodes were great, 9/10, I couldn’t stop watching. But then, after SPOILER happened, I started getting really confused about what was happening. The whole time travel thing and “Yuno from the ___ word” got really mixed up and I didn’t understand the loops. Also, Murmur’s character didn’t make much sense to me. Did she want Deus to die so she could replace him? Were she and Yuno working together the entire time? I’ve given up on trying to tell.

Akise Aru

Akise Aru is easily my favorite character.

The whole thing about Yukki being a weak main character makes me think: Wouldn’t most people probably act like him if put into that situation? Though I really like what Yuno said to Yukki in the end, which I think was something alone the lines of “I would’ve been fine with anybody so as long as I could depend on them, and you would have loved anybody who would have protected you.“I feel like that’s really true, how it was purely chance that Yuno fell in love with Yukki and Yukki only reflected the feelings because she came to him in the first place. Oh, and I ship Yuki x Akise!



My Favorite Manga Gets an Anime!

So I was just casually browsing through MAL‘s list of upcoming anime and then…

Kiss Him Not Me

My reaction:

Surprise gif


Anyways, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me in English) is about fujoshi Kae Serinuma who goes into a state of depression after her favorite anime character dies and doesn’t come to school for a while. When she returns, she finds herself in a reverse harem with two of her classmates that she secretly ships, her senpai, and her kouhai (there’s also a bit of yuri when Nishina comes in!).

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

However, Kae would much rather see them in love with each other than with her.

A prince shoud be with a prince

Kiss Him, Not Me has been my favorite manga for a long time and I’ve always bought the newest volume right as it came out! I’m so excited to see the anime after reading the books over and over again! The hype begins!



Super Lovers

The last episode came out today, and since I haven’t posted about this before, here’s a quick review of Super Lovers.

First of all, the animation was really good. Especially Haru and Ren’s eyes. All the characters were attractive and nice to look at, though I think there were too many shiny backgrounds in every scene. Kind of like Ouran High School Host Club; whenever a character is showing an emotion the background goes all sparkly.


The main reason I watched Super Lovers is because of the plot line. My friend recommended it to me knowing I was a yaoi lover, so I naturally enjoyed the boy x boy in this show. The fact that they were brothers was only slightly bothersome since they’re not blood brothers.

Super Lovers

The opening and the ending song are pretty good ! Even though the first lyrics of the ending kinda sound like “Oh my God! Oh my knee!”

The next season is supposed to come out in January of 2017! Let’s see if it beats the second season of Attack on Titan!

Assassination Classroom

Since I just finished Assassination Classroom, I thought I might as well do a quick review.

I wanted to watch Assassination Classroom because I liked the plot line, but I found myself not really wanting the kids to kill Koro-sensei. And if one of the other assassins killed him, then the E class would go back to just being the End Class forever.

My favorite character by far was Karma. He was pretty much the highlight of the show for me. And of course I shipped Karma X Nagisa, how couldn’t I? >.<


I’ll probably get around to watching the second season soon! Now off to watch Haikyuu!